“Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated. If they can’t see the real value of you, it’s time for a new start.”


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And, In The End


One day
we all shall be
beautifully penned memoirs
left lying open
to a quiet, cleansing rain.

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“I’d choose you. In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” (via cultivate-solitude)

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rudimental ft. foxes-right here


ella eyre -deeper

“I want to make you smile and I want to make you cum.
I want to hold your hand and I want to hold your hips down while you’re writhing.
I want to make your eyes light up and I want to make them roll in the back of your head.
I want to be your reason to wake up and your reason to stay in bed.
I want to kiss your wounds and I want you to leave them on my back.
I want to play with your hair while you sleep and I want to feel it between my fingers while you are on top of me.
I want to memorize the repetition of your breathing and I want to memorize the sporadics of your moaning.
I want to see the arch in your grin and I want to feel the arch in your back before you collapse.
I want to go out to dinner with you and I want to go down on you.
I want to to feel you in my heart and I want to feel you inside me.
I want to make you laugh and I want to make you scream.
I want to still be able to taste you in the morning.
I want you in every form.” (trm) Desire (via paragraphsofaprosaist)

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“It’s been a long time since I’ve been me.” Fernando Pessoa (via larmoyante)

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SPOTLIGHT: Wonderland by Kristy Mitchell

We have shared quite a bit of conceptual photography over the years, and we love it dearly. The Wonderland project from UK photographer Kirsty Mitchell is a touching and enchanting series bringing a fantasy world to life, and just might be one of our favorite photographers ever!

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